Russian expert: China’s world leading position in developing green energy will continue to rise

Igor Makarov, head of the Department of World Economics at the Russian Higher School of Economics,

said that China is a world leader in the “green” energy and “clean” technology markets, and China’s leading

position will continue to rise in the future.


Makarov said at the “Discussing the Environmental Agenda and Outcomes of the COP28 Climate Conference”

event held in Dubai by the “Valdai” International Debate Club: “For technology, of course, China is leading in

many key technologies related to the energy transition. one of those.


Makarov pointed out that China is in a leading position in terms of renewable energy investment, installed

capacity, renewable energy power generation, and the production and use of electric vehicles.


“I think China’s leading position will only strengthen given that it is the only major country that controls all R&D

processes for these technologies: from all mining processes of related minerals and metals to direct production

of equipment,” he stressed.


He added that China-Russia cooperation in these areas, although under the radar, is ongoing, such as in electric vehicles.

Post time: Jan-25-2024