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  • What is a Dead-End Grip?

    What is a Dead-End Grip?

    A dead-end grip is a type of pole line hardware that connects to the eye thimbles on pole lines and communication lines. They have a particular design that allows transmission on antennas, transmission lines, communication lines, and other guy structures. The material that manufacturers use in ...
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  • Tension Clamp

    Tension Clamp

    The tension clamp is one type of single tension hardware fittings,  it is mainly used on the overhead transmission lines or distribution lines. The tension clamp is also called dead end strain clamp or quadrant strain clamp, it is one kind of transmission line clamps. Because the shape of the ten...
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  • Suspension Clamp

    Suspension Clamp

    Suspension clamp is also called clamp suspension or suspension fitting. According to the application, Suspension clamp includes suspension clamp for ABC cable, suspension clamp for ADSS cable, suspension clamp for the overhead line. Suspension clamp is a general speaking of all kinds of clamp whi...
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  • Socket Clevis: An Ultimate Guide for Importers

    Socket Clevis: An Ultimate Guide for Importers

    What is Socket Clevis? Socket clevis is also known as socket tongue is a very integral component of the pole line technology. It is commonly used on overhead lines, transmission lines, and power lines. It is a major component in pole line hardware which usually connects the socket type insulato...
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  • What is Guy Thimble for Pole Line Hardware

    What is Guy Thimble for Pole Line Hardware

    Guy thimble is a pole line hardware designed for use on pole bands. They work as an interface used to connect the guy wire or the guy grip. This is common on dead end pole lines and electric power lines. Apart from the uses mentioned above, the guy thimble connects the tension clamp to protect...
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  • Factory resumption notice of YONGJIU.

    YONGJIU ELECTRIC POWER FITTING CO.,LTD has resumed normal production. Please feel free to contact me if you have any requirement about our product as following.
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    There is global outbreak of corona virus at the moment. The virus is likely spread through a cough, sneeze or other contact with saliva. The following method are necessary during the epidemic period Please try to reduce outdoor activities as much as po...
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