The best place to quickly destroy Fortnite’s seven fishing rod barrels

One of the challenges facing Fortnite this week was the destruction of seven fishing rod barrels. This sounds like a task that involves a lot of rushing, but you can visit a building in Fortnite and let you pack it up in one go.
If you go to Craggy Cliffs on the north coast of the island, you will find a fishing tackle shop in the town centre. Outside the front door is a fishing rod bucket, so please destroy it first before entering inside. On the ground floor, you will find another barrel near the window, so please break it and go up.
The next level will create three more fishing rod buckets at the top of the stairs, so crush them and turn left. At the other end of the room, you will find two other fishing rod barrels, which are mature enough to slide harvesting tools well.
That’s it, the entire challenge has been completely within 30 seconds. We don’t think you will get the easy experience of 20000 XP in Fortnite.

Post time: Jan-08-2021